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Welcome to the HC Fertility Center

Planning for children and building a family are joyous milestones in life. If you are finding it difficult to conceive, the professional and friendly staff at the HC Fertility Center are here to help.


Our doctors, nurses, embryologists and administrative staff will provide you with personal and individualized care to give you the best chance of conceiving.

Gynecology Marbella

Assisted Conception in Marbella

The HC Fertility Center is completely integrated with the Gynecology and Pre-Natal Units of the hospital providing patients with continuity of care should the need for surgical procedures arise.


The center has two operating theaters, a laboratory for blood analysis, and three laboratories for Andrology, Genetics and Reproductive Medicine which are equipped with the most modern and technically advanced medical instruments, permitting the center to offer the most sophisticated treatment techniques in the field of assisted reproduction.

Patient Service

Patient Service and Care

A comfortable, modern and stress-free environment to help you feel as relaxed as possible.


Members of our staff speak Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Arabic to be able to communicate effectively with patients of all nationalities.


We also offer help in organizing your stay in Marbella, recommending hotels at which we have special rates.

HC Fertility treatments & techniques

Fecundación in vitro

At the HC Fertility Center, we offer our patients a wide range of infertility care services from basic evaluative testing to more complicated treatments and techniques. Our patients receive an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to fertility treatments which is supported by a specialized medical team focused on patient service and care. We do not group treatment cycles for the convenience of the center, but instead offer personalized treatment protocols which are individually developed between the physicians and the patients.


While we do everything possible to create an optimal environment for conception, fertility treatment has no guarantee of success and it is important to note that all pregnancies after treatment carry no more risks than a natural conception.


Contact us for more information should you require a treatment, procedure, or technique that is not listed above.

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