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Feminine infertility

The factors that can cause infertility in women are multiple, such as alterations in ovulation, endometriosis, early menopause, age, fallopian tube injuries, scarring after surgery on the genital tract, tumors in the uterus, and treatments for cancer. In addition, an extreme weight, either low or high, the consumption of some medicines, some diseases not well controlled and the consumption of tobacco can contribute to infertility.


At HC Fertility, we study your case and prescribe precise diagnostic tests to determine what causes, if any, may be interfering with your fertility, and at the same time offer a realistic prognosis of your pregnancy possibilities and the most appropriate technique or treatments to achieve it, taking into account, your age, your medical history, your hormone levels, state of your internal genital tract with special attention to the ovaries and of available ovules.

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Study and counseling techniques on female infertility:

• Analytical determinations of gynecological endocrinology
• Transvaginal ultrasound
• Hysterosonography (ultrasound to evaluate the uterine cavity)
• Hysterosalpingography (radiological examination to evaluate tubal patency)
• Diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy
• Diagnostic and operative laparoscopy

After determining the diagnosis, we will elaborate a customized treatment plan adapted to your needs that optimizes your chances of conceiving.

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