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Male infertility

The factors that can cause infertility in men are diverse, due to physiological, health, environmental or lifestyle issues.

Health problems:
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Hormonal imbalance, hereditary disorders, varicocele (swelling of the veins that drain the testicles), scars that block the passage of semen because of infections caused by sexually transmitted diseases or inflammation of the prostate or testicles, problems in ejaculation, antibodies that attack semen, tumors that affect the male reproductive organs or the hormone-producing glands and treatments for cancer.

Semen problems:
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Low sperm count, poor motility (movement), or morphological abnormalities (shape).

Environmental factors:
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Overexposure to heat, chemicals, toxins and heavy metals.

Factors related to life habits:
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Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, drug use, constant stress (emotional or work) and obesity.

Genetic factors:
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Chromosomal alterations in spermatozoa, altered karyotype.

In HC Fertility we have several comprehensive examinations for men that allow us to assess thereasons and the seriousness of the existing problems in relation to infertility.

Study and counseling techniques on male infertility

• Scrotal ultrasound
• Scrotal Eco Doppler for evaluation of varicocele
• Prostatic transrectal ultrasound
• Examination of the semen
• FISH test of sperm
• DNA fragmentation
• Cryopreservation of semen before oncological interventions or treatments
• Testicular biopsy• Surgery to correct varicocele
• Treatment of erection pathologies

After determining the diagnosis, we develop a customized treatment plan adapted to your needs that optimizes your chances of conceiving.

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