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Male infertility

The following are factors that could cause infertility in males:


Physiological factors:

Blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm, low sperm count, decreased motility (movement) or abnormal morphology (shape).


Health factors:

Varicocele (swelling of the veins that drain the testicle), scarring that blocks the passage of sperm as a result of infections caused by sexually transmitted diseases or inflammation of the prostate or testicles, problems with ejaculation, antibodies that attack sperm, hormonal imbalance, inherited disorders, tumors that affect the male reproductive organs or hormone releasing glands, and cancer treatments.


Environmental factors:

Overexposure to heat, toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals.


Lifestyle factors:

Use of illegal drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, constant stress (emotional or work related), and obesity.


At the HC Fertility Center, we offer the following comprehensive tests for men that enable us to assess the reasons for and evaluate the degree of any problems that exist in relation to infertility.


Consultation for infertility

Scrotal ultrasound

Scrotal Doppler ultrasound for varicocele assessment

Prostatic transrectal ultrasound


FISH test on spermatozoa

Cryopreservation of sperm before surgery or oncology treatment

Testicular Biopsy

Varicocoele corrective surgery

Erectile dysfunction surgery


Once a cause is determined, you will be given a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs to optimize your chances of conceiving.

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