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Sperm donation

Healthy young men with excellent quality sperm can donate samples for use in assisted reproduction treatments. Sperm donations give single women and couples with male infertility issues a chance to get pregnant.




If you are interested in becoming a sperm donor, you must satisfy the following to be eligible for the program:

– Be between 18-30 years of age

– Be a non-smoker, non-drug user

– Have a normal genetic history

– Have a family history without genetically transmitted diseases

– Have negative test results for the following sexually transmitted diseases: AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, Herpes clinical study

– Are free of infection

– Are physically and emotionally healthy

– Have good quality semen able to adequately sustain the freezing and defrosting process


Andrological study

Men who want to become donors must undergo complete blood and semen tests to assess the viability of their sperm and to verify that it is free of any infectious or contagious disease. After the tests have been completed and approved, the donor must then undergo a thorough medical evaluation.


To guarantee the origin of the sample, donations must always take place at the HC Fertility Center. As such, we will make available to you a private room to facilitate collection.


To ensure that your semen is of adequate quality and is not refused, donors are asked to abstain from sexual activity 4-5 days before donation.



Sperm donation is an altruistic act, and is not for profit.


In Spain, donation is a completely anonymous procedure by law.

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